What is Shiatsu?

Shiatsu is a manual treatment, or a therapeutic massage, of Japanese origin that seeks to harmonize body, mind and emotions through contact, with the aim of improving the health and vitality of the person who receives it.

Shiatsu techniques incorporate stretching, mobilization and the application of pressure in various parts of the recipient’s body, to stimulate greater energy harmony, circulation, flexibility and postural integrity.

More than a simple massage, Shiatsu unites the therapeutic capacity of Chinese medicine with the warmth and connection of touch. Both the therapist and the patient enter a meditative and connected state where healing and loving energy flows and makes the patient receive a magical healing touch.

It induces deep relaxation, and balances vital energy, helping the body’s ability to heal itself.

Shiatsu join the Chinese Medicine´s recovery capacity with the

touch´s warmth and connection


An important part of Shiatsu is based on the oriental concept of energy (Ki or Qi) and one of its main objectives is to allow this vital energy to flow unhindered and thus stimulate and support the natural self-healing processes of well-being. , maintaining health and helping to prevent disease.

Many of the techniques are applied to the same system of energy channels and points used in Chinese Medicine acupuncture.

Shiatsu treats the body in its entirety, stimulating and favoring its reunion with a state of balance and natural harmony.

Eva Massana

Shiatsu Therapist, Hygiene Naturopath and Kundalini Yoga Instructor.

My mission is to accompany people to empower themselves and be able to generate health and inspiration in their lives and in every environment. And I do it with my vital experience, everything that life has put in my way to help me become a vital and healthy woman, and to be able to be creating and offering the world what I love the most.

Trained by the European School of Shiatsu and with 4 years of experience in treating patients.

What can you expect?


First contact

In order to obtain information on the person’s condition, a diagnosis is made through questions and physical observations (looking at the tongue and touching the abdomen).

The purpose of this is to be able to make a more effective treatment focused on the person’s needs.



The massage is performed with clothes, on the floor on a tatami. It consists of mobilizations, stretching and pressure with the thumb on different energy points linked to the different organs.

The treatment is during 70min.



At the end, the person will feel very relaxed, they will also feel physical and mental lightness. Blockages or ailments may be released, and help resolve illnesses.

If necessary, the treatment would be repeated for several weeks until the imbalance was corrected.



They recommend it to you

Eva is a wonderful genuine caring therapist. I have regularly had a massage for many years, they are part of my normal healthcare for myself. I have a lot of experience and highly recommend her Shiatsu massage. Eva made me feel refreshed, fully cared for and relaxed. She really released tension and fatigue from my body.


I actually didn’t know it was going to be shiatsu until you arrived. I was seeking a massage to relax and bring balance to my body.
My experience was great. Each session I feel a difference and progress. I feel the journey we are on to balance my body on all levels. Each session releases and brings my body more in balance.


I was looking for an acupuncture practitioner who does home visits. I usually get acupuncture once a month to keep my body/mind/spirit in balance.
When Eva told me her shiatsu massage works similar to acupuncture I was surprised but curious to try.
I felt amazing during the massage – it’s very soothing and the stretching feels so good!
I also love Evas energy and her ability to see beyond.
It felt just like I got acupuncture, but without the needles.
My body is feeling energized and my emotions feel calm and in balance again.


I contacted Eva as I was seeking treatment for stress-related symptoms, such as sleep problems and back pains. Each session turned out to be a real gift for my body and soul. Often I feel it gives a deep reset in my body and its more subtle layers, and I feel balanced, calm, and centred in my body for the rest of the day that follows after. Benefits also increased over time, as I continued to receive Shiatsu every week. Eva works very intuitive, skilled, insightful, clearly works with extensive experience, and comes highly recommended.


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